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    The Venus Butterfly
The Venus Butterfly technique is based on 30 years of research. It is one of the most tasteful and effective sex educational programs available. It helps teach you how to improve your self-confidence as a lover and may assist with intensity, duration and sex drive.

How Does It Work?
The Venus Butterfly technique is a video series filled with fresh, easy to learn and new approaches to sex. The Venus Butterfly videos visually walk you through the techniques, with a man's and a woman's version to target specific needs.

Dr. Bob Schwartz
After more than 30 years of research at California's More University and The Institute of Human Abilities, Dr. Bob Schwartz is one of the nation's foremost sex therapists and educators. He earned his Ph.D. from More University and is the producer of The Venus Butterfly-Secrets To Satisfying Any Man or Woman Every Time, which is used by doctors and therapists. He has also authored several other books and produced educational videos for couples. He recently finished intensive research across the country involving married couples.

Currently, Dr. Schwartz is working on the data from his studies and plans to release a guide for married people. Dr. Schwartz is a New York Times best-selling author and a 1996 Pulitzer Prize Nominee. He has been featured on many American and Canadian television and radio shows, including Oprah, The 700 Club, The View, Barbara Walters and HBO's Real Sex II. Millions of viewers heard Jay Leno and Arsenio Hall talk about his book, The One Hour Orgasm. Dr. Bob has also been quoted in The London Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and even Playboy.

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